Congress Forces Joe Biden to Finally Rescind COVID Emergency

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“The pandemic is over,” Joe Biden emphatically stated in a scripted 60 Minutes interview last year. But it wasn’t over. The shadowy forces that are actually running the government quickly walked that statement back. Since then, they’ve had Biden reextending the “COVID emergency” that we’ve been living with for more than three years now. Fortunately, Republicans recaptured the House in the 2022 midterms. They’ve successfully forced Biden to rescind the emergency, so it finally is over.

Not that it was an emergency for the American people at this point. They’re mostly just fatigued by all the nonsense. Sure, there are still a few neurotic and brainwashed liberals that you’ll see driving around alone in their cars with their masks on. But even those are few and far between.

There are actually two real wins for the American people here. First, by ending the “emergency,” the federal government will have to stop spending money hand-over-fist on COVID-related stuff. Waivers that were in place for Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP have now come to an end. By erasing all the welfare perks associated with the pandemic, more people who are able to work will finally be forced to go back to work. That will be better for the economy, no matter what anybody says.

Second, secretaries of state will no longer have an excuse to violate their own state laws by implementing mass mail-in voting in 2024. Many secretaries unilaterally changed state law in 2020 and again in 2022 because of the pandemic, so they could send out massive numbers of mail-in ballots to their dirty voter rolls. They knew that the Democrat Party’s underlings would take care of the rest.

And they did. We’re now suffering through having Joe Biden in the White House, instead of the guy that the American voters legitimately elected. Plus, the red wave that everyone was predicting in the 2022 midterms fizzled out. These were direct results of states still using mail-in ballots, which allow the Democrat Party to cheat and steal elections.

We’re still not out of the woods on securing our elections. That would require banning mail-in voting as all civilized countries do. We’re not there yet. But this makes it easier to start rolling back some of the “pandemic emergency” measures that were put in place to tamper with the elections.

So, how did Joe Biden end up signing the order to end the emergency? Biden originally threatened to veto the bill, claiming that it would cause “chaos” for “millions of Americans” and the healthcare system if he ended the COVID emergency. But then he turned around and signed the order on Monday.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) sponsored the bill in February. The House passed it by a vote of 229 to 197. There were even a few Democrats who voted to end it. What happened in the Senate is likely the event that changed Joe Biden’s mind.

In the Senate, the bill received a bipartisan supermajority of support. The final vote was 68 to 23. That’s not even close in our narrowly divided Senate. A supermajority is veto-proof, so the best guess is that Biden caved on ending the emergency because of that.

Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC) issued a statement that perhaps said it best: “After bipartisan votes in both chambers voted to end this declaration, President Bided finally was forced to end this declaration. Medicine needs to be rooted in hard, objective science, not politics.”

Now that the fake emergency is over, we can finally start repairing some of the damage that the Biden administration has done because of it. Plus, we now know it’s possible to back Biden into a corner and force him to sign legislation he doesn’t want to, so long as Republicans stick to their guns.