Concealed Carry-1, Known Felon-0 in Detroit

Maksym Dykha /
Maksym Dykha /

Despite the leftist narrative plaguing cities and states across the US that guns never solve a crime, concealed carriers have been dispelling that theory left and right. From multiple attempts at mass shootings that have been stopped by legal concealed carriers that the mainstream media tries to ignore, to people defending themselves against would-be robbers. These brave Americans have said “enough” and have been stopping this aggression where it stands.

In February, Detroit, MI police responded to a call of gunshots fired outside a liquor store. Upon their arrival, they discovered a man who had his hands above his head and immediately informed them he was a concealed carrier. According to him, the attacker followed him inside the store and proceeded to follow them back out.

Upon their exit from the store, the assailant produced a handgun and held the carrier’s friend at gunpoint, and demanded the concealed carrier hand over his wallet. While he attempted to pat down the carrier, the hero produced his pistol and shot the would-be assailant in the chest. Ultimately, he survived, but his pain was only beginning.

Later identified as Joshua Fordham, the police discovered that he had been convicted of armed robbery in March 2014, and as such was unable to have a firearm of any kind, let alone a concealed handgun. With the Detroit PD handing the investigation over to the FBI, there is no telling what if any charges he will ultimately face.

Stories like this are all too common but go under-reported. The mainstream media doesn’t want you to know the names of responsible gun owners who save their own lives or the lives of others with expedient and proficient use of their concealed firearms. Instead, they only want you to hear the names of the mass shooters who almost always shatter multiple laws before they even fire a single round. While this isn’t likely to change any time soon, it’s still good to know they are winning the fight in the long game.