Comedian Chelsea Handler is Crushing on THIS Politician

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It’s not every day that you see a comedian and actress admit that she has the hots for someone. However, Chelsea Handler is a lot more outspoken than many of the Hollywood types.

She was recently on “The Daily Show” and decided that it was time for everyone to hear her confession.

She played a clip where Mitt Romney and George Santos got into a tiff right before the State of the Union address. Toward the end of the clip, there’s a lip-reading exchange where Romney repeatedly refers to Santos as an “ass.”

Handler doesn’t necessarily respect or admire Romney. Instead, she confesses that she’s “sexually attracted” to him.

She goes on to say that “I don’t even care that he’s a Republican or a Mormon. In fact, since he’s a Mormon, he’ll be open to another wife, and if not he’s a Republican, so he’ll be open to having an affair. Problem solved.”

Unfortunately, we’ve yet to hear what Romney’s reaction is to this celebrity crush. It’s also unclear as to whether the two have ever met face-to-face.

She definitely is crushing on an older man. She’s 47…and Mitt will be turning 76 next month. But hey, at least she got her confession out in the open. Maybe the senator from Utah will provide some kind of amusing comeback once he hears of her confession.

You can watch her entire summary of the SOTU right here, including when she referred to it as a “UFV/junior high cafeteria vibe.”