College Education in Today’s Society: Taylor Swift Lyrics

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There’s so much emphasis in today’s society to go to college. It’s the only way to get a quality education and get a good job, right?

That depends heavily on what your child is ACTUALLY learning. Not all college courses are created equally. A perfect example is a new course that will be offered at Stanford University. Now, Stanford is essentially an Ivy League school, so you’d expect only the best.

Unfortunately, that’s not happening anymore.

In fact, you could be spending over $50,000 for a single year of tuition and fees only for your child to tell you all about Taylor Swift lyrics. This is hardly the equivalent of being able to cite a line from a Shakespearean tragedy.

A course is being dedicated to Taylor Swift. According to Ava Jeffs, a student-turned-professor, has explained that “The whole goal of the class is to dive into the art of songwriting, exploring the interplay between literary references and lyricism and storytelling in Taylor Swift’s entire discography, taking it one album at a time and trying to look at the evolution of using songwriting as a narrative form.”

So, by the time you spend over $200,000 on a bachelor’s degree for your child, they may not be able to balance a checkbook or talk to you intelligently about macroeconomics. However, they will be able to dissect the meaning of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” like no one’s business.

If you’re even a little disappointed in today’s higher education system, we don’t blame you. And considering Biden isn’t going to pay off everyone’s student loans, it might be best to look into some of those blue collar jobs out there. You know, the ones that pay well and that are actually the backbone of America.