CMT Pulls Jason Aldean’s Newest Music Video from Rotation

Debby Wong /
Debby Wong /

A music video has to be pretty bad for it to be pulled from the media, right? Then again, I guess all it needs is a few pro-cop and pro-American lines and images.

This is the message that can be taken from Country Music Television or CMT’s recent decision to pull country music star Jason Aldean’s newest song and music video from their content rotation.

To be clear, the song “Try That in a Small Town” has been out since May.

Additionally, the song is rather polarizing. Some might even call it aggressive and unapologetic about being so.

But that’s not the problem with it.

That came when the music video was released on Friday and showed real news media coverage of crimes such as the burning of an American flag, rioting against police, robbing stores, and carjacking.

Apparently, liberals who saw the video think it is “pro-lynching” and racist. Why? Because it implies that those crimes are wrong.

Besides, anyone with ears or eyes can easily see that neither the song lyrics nor the video mentions a word about race or even implies it. Hell, most of the video clips included clearly show white people committing crimes.

Aldean himself says as much, as well as defends his song and its video by saying those criticizing it are clearly missing the whole point.

As he explained, this song is all about community and the sense of taking care of your own that it should bring – “regardless of differences in background or belief.”

In a small town like the one Aldean describes, you don’t go without because you have neighbors, even if they are a country mile away, and crimes like the ones in the clip just don’t happen because they won’t be tolerated. Instead, people are respected and looked after.

If that’s racist, they sure have a far different definition than the dictionary…