Christians Jailed during the Pandemic Win Lawsuit against Moscow, ID City Officials

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During the COVID-19 scam-demic, world governments all adopted a surprisingly tyrannical approach to fighting off an illness that amounted to a nasty case of the flu for most people. “Give up all your fundamental rights and freedoms,” governments told us, “and we will protect you from catching this mild, two-day illness that only kills people who are very fat, sick or old.”

The erosion of civil rights happened in a surprising number of red states, including Idaho. In the town of Moscow, ID, for example, Christians were handcuffed and jailed for singing hymns outdoors.

Fortunately, there are many judges across the country who still recognize what was actually happening during the scam-demic. Gabriel Rench, Sean Bohnet, and Rachel Bohnet were all arrested in Moscow, ID, for singing hymns in public without masks on their faces in September 2020.

They weren’t being violent. They weren’t hurting anyone. They were simply practicing their First Amendment-protected right to worship in a public place. Moscow cops didn’t hesitate to follow the orders of the Moscow city council by arresting these peaceful Christians. Welcome to Soviet Russia, except this somehow happened in the Moscow that’s in Idaho.

Rence and the Bohnets have just won a $300,000 settlement from the City of Moscow for having their civil rights violated by city leaders. And good for them!

The judge in the case was not playing. District Judge Morrison C. England stated, “Plaintiffs should never have been arrested in the first place, and the constitutionality of what the City thought its Code said is irrelevant.”

Amen! The city officials knew what they were doing with their mask mandates, their social distancing Nancy-boy rules, and breaking up church services. Watch the awful treatment of the completely peaceful Christians in Idaho that happened as a result of their trying to exercise their First Amendment rights: