Chris Pratt’s Advice for Young Couples

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If you listen to the lies of the world, you’ll hear the resounding drum of a very me-centric society – one that is constantly telling you to do what you, and no one else, wants or needs. But that’s exactly the opposite advice that megastar and Christian actor Chris Pratt is giving to young couples.

When recently being interviewed by Men’s Journal, the popular “Guardians of the Galaxy” star explained he feels you shouldn’t wait to have kids.

He said, “People say all the time, ‘Don’t rush to have kids.’ I personally disagree. Rush. Have them. Of course, make sure you find a great partner but don’t wait.”

But why?

After all, if modern society is to be believed, you should first focus on yourself in your young adult life. You know, go after your career, do what makes you feel good, and don’t let anything, including children, tie you down.

But for Pratt is all about not being about yourself and instead focusing on this whole new creation.

Besides, as Adam Sandler apparently told Pratt, “Every day you wait is a day they don’t get to have you in their life.”

You see the difference in focus there? It’s not about what they can bring to your life, but instead what you can bring to theirs.

As Pratt says, “The younger you have kids, the more time they get to have with you. It’s wild. Having kids is incredible. The things you normally take for granted in life are new. As they grow up, it becomes more about connecting with them as individuals and what makes them unique. The softness of their hearts. How their minds work,” etc.

Far too often in this world, we see a message that tells us to focus on ourselves first and foremost, if not alone. Yet, Pratt’s message is different. Based on love, it tells us to live for someone else. You’ll be surprised at just how much joy that brings you.