Chris Pratt Leads Another Non-Woke Film and Dominates

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If you haven’t noticed, keeping children from seeing, hearing, and experiencing the depravity of the political left is hard to manage these days, thanks largely to most films, videos, and shows being chocked full of leftist propaganda and ideology. Thankfully, at least one actor makes that all a bit easier.

Enter famed headliner and Christian actor Chris Pratt. You likely know him from big action films like the “Jurassic World” trilogy, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” and most recently, the third “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

To say Pratt is a big name in entertainment is a bit of an understatement, co-starring with names like Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlet Johansson, and more. And throughout it all, he’s managed to avoid the petty nonsense and virtue signaling that most of his line of work falls prey to.

In fact, in nearly all of his films, there isn’t much of that annoying leftist ideology at all, and certainly not from his character.

Take the most recent Guardians of the Galaxy film, for instance.

As one writer who has studied it says, the only thing that could even remotely be seen as a hint of leftism is a joke about a homosexual relationship. But even this doesn’t really count, as the joke actually expresses disgust at the idea of homosexuality.

Additionally, this bit is part of a post-credit scene, meaning it’s not actually even part of the movie and can completely be missed or ignored without leaving out a crucial part of the storyline.

Of course, Pratt has also been praised for his off-screen personality, too, in which he is constantly attributing his success to God and Jesus. Even last month, during the promotional tour for “Guardians,” Pratt tweeted a Bible verse and honored God. In a world like ours, with a culture war going on and our children’s lives are at stake, it’s nice to see that some in Hollywood still put their faith first and provide a good example.