Chinese Protesters Fill the Streets and Biden Stays Silent

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

China is dealing with something that it’s never quite dealt with in the past: protesters who are willing to stand up against the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party.

With the ZERO COVID policy, China is back to locking people down. And honestly, people are tired of it all. And with some of the homes not only being barricaded but also welded shut, it puts people in danger. And that was proven last year when there was a fire and people perished because of not being able to escape.

Usually, when there is some kind of horrible disservice being done to people of another country, Joe Biden speaks out. He shares some tidbits of what’s going on and how the US will stand by those people.

There’s just one problem. He’s completely silent about what’s happening in China. So, why is that? Why is it that he’s not speaking up for the people who are protesting against the CCP?

Well, there may be a few reasons for that. It has long been suspected that Biden is profiting from China. We’ve all heard about the shady business deals that Hunter Biden was making with businesses heavily involved with the CCP. Biden could easily be getting a percentage of those deals, too. Speaking out in favor of the protesters could cause those deals to come crashing down.

So, Biden sits back, collecting his money, while people in China suffer. It’s hardly a humanitarian stance. The question is, will there be anyone to stop Biden from taking such a lame stance?

We can only hope that the GOP gets around to investigating Hunter Biden. Once he’s properly investigated, it’s likely that Joe Biden will be incriminated, too. Then, maybe, we can get the country under control…and potentially fight for the people in China, too.