Can’t Figure Out a Good Baby Name? Try Looking to Your Dead Pets Claims TikTok Woman

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For many parents, finding the right baby name takes incredible soul searching. Some names bring up bad memories, old flings, or are already being used by family and friends. Other names just don’t hit the ear right when combined with their last name. For one TikTok user, that answer came from her family pet.

Ambyr S is a TikTok user who focuses her account on capturing the family moments that grab your heartstrings and tug at them. Yet when she announced the birth of her son, she did so with a clip with the text “Wait, you seriously named your baby after a dog?!?” over the eight-second snippets of her new son Henry Myles, and her now deceased dog Myles.

In the caption, she wrote “Lost our first baby 2 days before we had our last baby. Pretty sure they have the same soul.” With 1.8 million views as of March 15th, the video has quickly gone viral, with a majority of the 1,350 comments being supportive of her choice. “Why not name him after something that is the purest thing on earth??” expressed one commenter.

Naturally, users couldn’t resist bringing up reasons why they couldn’t follow Ambyr’s lead. “Awe I would do that with my gal Zoe, but [I] draw the line at my cat Turd Ferguson,” expressed one user. “Oatmeal you were named after the bravest cat I ever knew,” remarked another.

A few others shared their reasons for making the same choice. “I lost my soul dog 24 hours before my water broke. My son has his middle name Charlie after my dog,” expressed one commentator in a quip to make people find the onion-cutting ninjas. As pointed out by another user, Bindi Sue Irwin-Powell “got her middle name from her Dad’s beloved dog Sui,” who had died in 2004 after being by Steve’s side for 15 years.