Canada Ponders Novel Solution to Homelessness: Kill Them

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Canada’s homelessness problem is not as bad as what we’re experiencing here in the United States, but it’s starting to come close. Our neighbors from the north are seeing much higher rates of homelessness than usual lately for the same reasons as us: mass immigration coupled with a dying economy. However, a growing number of Canadians are now in favor of a novel approach to dealing with the homeless. Why not kill them?

In 2021, Canada launched a government suicide program called Medical Assistance in Dying or MAID. Unlike other countries which now allow doctor-assisted suicide for terminal illnesses, Canada is allowing citizens to kill themselves for… slightly less serious reasons.

In fact, when patients complain that they won’t be able to afford a staggering medical bill under Canada’s vaunted socialist care system, doctors and nurses recommend that they kill themselves. Canadians can now opt to have a doctor kill them simply for a “grievous and irremediable medical condition,” such as depression.

In recent polling, 73% of Canadians said they were happy with the MAID program in place. Some of the other polling numbers are even more disturbing, however.

27% said that they’d be fine with “poverty” being legitimized as a reason for doctor-assisted suicide. 28% said it would be fine for the homeless to be killed. Another 20% said people should be allowed to apply for and receive doctor-assisted suicide for any reason they choose.

This would be an expansion of MAID that goes well beyond the original stated purpose of the program. Doctor-assisted suicide is always sold as a compassionate option for people who are terminally ill and in pain. Once voters approve something like that, the slippery slope begins. Very soon after, governments always decide to expand the use of doctor-assisted suicide.

This is what happens when Western nations abandon the Christian faith that they were founded upon. This means that this nightmare regime will probably be coming to America in the near future.