Can You Orgasm from Sound Alone? One Woman Did…

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When you hear a performance of Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony, you expect to hear the orchestra. Perhaps a few claps in the audience, too. What you don’t expect to hear is a loud moan as a woman reaches full orgasm in the row behind you.

Yet, that’s exactly what happened recently during the LA Philharmonic’s performance.

Many within the Walt Disney Concert Hall heard the sound that came from the balcony. And this sound clip will allow you to hear it as well:

Shortly after the concert ended, many took to social media to see if others heard what they thought they heard. The thoughts were mixed.

Some say they saw the woman shortly after it happened. She was breathing heavily and it looked as though she had an orgasm.

Molly Grant, one woman in attendance, reported to the Los Angeles Times, “It was quite beautiful.”

Others were concerned that she was having some kind of health crisis.

Still others decided to embellish and say that the woman had a screaming orgasm so loud that the whole orchestra had to stop playing. The orchestra actually never missed a beat. When interviewed after, however, many say that they heard it but were polite enough to carry on.

As music agent Lukas Burton told the LA Times, the orgasm was “wonderfully timed” because it happened during a “romantic swell” of the performance. Apparently, when you’re so transported by the music, it is capable of having an orgasmic effect on the body.