CA Floods Have Celebs Panicked

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As a “bomb cyclone” impacted the drought-stricken state of California, the upper crust and celebrity residents of Montecito are being washed away by the ensuing flash floods. Harry and Meghan, Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres as well as many others were told to “LEAVE NOW” by a tweet from the Santa Barbara County sheriff.

Appearing on social media, Oprah and Ellen both dismayed incredible disbelief at what happened to their town. This lesson about fame and money not guaranteeing safety is something the average American has been watching for decades, and while they always expressed empathy when they were forced to talk about it for others, it often takes truly experiencing it to understand the sorrow and pain that it can come with.

For what it’s worth, Harry and Megan have maintained comments less about themselves and instead about others. This difference is one many wouldn’t expect given their reputations, but Harry has always had his mother’s sense of putting others before self.

The National Weather Service’s Los Angeles office reported sustained gusts over 60 mph were expected for the town, with heavy rain and the chances of thunderstorms. Naturally, more downed trees and powerlines are to be expected. While they failed to disclose, from the recent results they should also expect at least more moderate landslides and ground erosion.

Since December, CA has been getting rainstorm after rainstorm, and while it is helpful for their drought, it isn’t helpful when it comes down this consistently and with so much at one time. It needs to be spaced out to allow the ground to moisten and permeate into the lower levels of soil. Without it, you get these consequences.

While it will likely be days if not weeks before they can go back and check for what may be left of their homes, they can take solace in one thing; given their status, the shelters won’t be something they will be in.