Buying a Car? Start Saving Now…

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Buying a car is something everyone needs to be able to do. Reliable transportation is often dependent on one being able to own a car. While Biden likes to promote public transportation, the harsh reality is that if you don’t live in a major city like New York, Chicago, or St Louis, public transportation isn’t an option.

It used to be that if you saved enough money, you could make a decent down payment and achieve affordable monthly payments that span 36 or 48 months.

In Biden’s America, the cost of cars is considerably more expensive than it used to be. In fact, the Department of Labor’s consumer price index shows a new vehicle increase by 19.4% from March 2021 to March 2023.

Kelley Blue Book has even gone as far as identifying the average price of a new car in the United States – now a whopping $48,008.

What does this mean for most Americans? Buying a new car is outside of one’s financial grasp. It means one of two things. Either a) buying a new car and stretching payments to 60 or even 72 months or b) buying a used car and spending more money on maintenance and repairs. Oh, and used cars are up, too. The consumer price index shows that those prices are up by 20 percent.

Of course, the third option is one no one really wants to discuss – relying on what abysmal public transportation options may exist within their town. This can lead to extremely long commute times, the dangers that come with unpoliced transportation depots, and more.

Yet again, it’s a negative report all as a result of what Biden has done to the country and our economy.