Buffalo Bills Safety Back From the Dead and on the Field Just Five Months Later

fifg / shutterstock.com
fifg / shutterstock.com

Just five short months after dying on the field and coming back to life, Safety Damar Hamlin put back on his Bills blue jersey with the number 3 across the chest and onto the field. This voluntary minicamp held on May 23rd was held without helmets or pads but allowed the players to get the feel back under their feet.

While he avoided the team sessions, he did group stretching to open and close the session, as well as individual drills. Given the light nature of the session, this was amazing progress compared to what happened just five months ago. As coach Sean McDermott said, “We’re taking it one day at a time and just support Damar in every way possible.” Giving no specific timetable for his full return is an expected but incredibly wise decision.

Meanwhile, defensive backs coach John Butler explained that the team is incredibly involved in his recovery, with doctors encouraging him to share anything he feels as he works out. They are easing him back into this role. Given his need for a respirator as recently as seven weeks following his January release from the hospital, it’s encouraging to see for the whole organization as well as the Bills Mafia.

Speaking with the press after he announced his return, Hamlin explained that it came after discussions with many experts where they determined that his problem was a one-in-a-million occurrence that is inherently unlikely to happen again. With his heart in the game and a consistently improving bill of health, he is committed to getting back out there and making a difference.

For the people of Buffalo, Hamlin is their spirit embodied.