Brady Refuses To Retire and Legends Already Want Him To Stay Away From One Potential Team

Steve Jacobson /
Steve Jacobson /

With the greatest to ever play quarterback getting ready to become a free agent after the end of this season, many are wondering where Tom Brady will end up. From coast to coast, there are teams who not only could sign him but many who would love to see the ticket sales from his presence.

Miami is one of the top choices for him to land. With his recent sighting checking out schools for his son and his property already in the area, it seems like this has been the plan all along. With Florida’s tax-free status, he could easily make a home here. Current QB Tua Tagovailoa found himself sidelined by concussions during the season. Meanwhile, his parents claimed he is responding well and believe the Dolphins will have him ready for next year.

The San Francisco 49ers are also another team high up on the list. Given Brady’s California roots, and Jimmy Garoppolo headed for free agency himself, it would be a great fit. However, with their status in the playoff picture, and a “Mr. Irrelevant” Brock Purdy commanding the team toward the Super Bowl, the way the season ends will dictate a lot for them.

Another strong candidate is the Las Vegas Raiders. With Derek Carr heading for the exit, and owner Mark Davis not sold on him, they need a drastic change of QB. Given the way the stadium can be packed, Brady would be a huge ticket seller, and he fits their scheme. However, Raiders legend Tim Brown warns that Brady better stay out of Vegas.

As a guest on the “Maggie & Perloff” CBS Sports Radio show, Brown explained that even with a great relationship with coach Josh McDaniels, he isn’t fit for the black and silver. “Well, I think he’s starting to show that he’s 45-46 years old. His inability to move — when you look at the quarterbacks in the league today you have very few who are pocket quarterbacks. Joe Burrow is probably the closest thing you get, but God knows when it’s time to run, he can get out of the pocket and make it happen.”

No matter where Brady ends up, that team will have a sold-out stadium every weekend. If he chooses to retire, he already has a broadcasting career lined up that will pay him handsomely. It’s rare to see someone have both options open to him, and without a little brother sidekick, as Payton Manning has, he better hope his chops are up for a full season of it. Either way, Vegas should probably not be on that schedule.