Bills’ Damar Hamlin Comes Back to Buffalo Just a Week Later

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A week of one of the scariest moments in NFL history, Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin is back where he belongs, in Buffalo, NY. Transferred to the Buffalo General Medical Center (BGMC), Hamlin will continue his recovery and is on a remarkable pace to be back on his feet fully.

With his average tackle on Tee Higgins of the Cincinnati Bengals early in the first quarter on Monday Night Football on January 2nd, he soon up and immediately collapsed. With team trainers giving him CPR, he was rushed by ambulance with his mom to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Diagnosed as having a cardiac arrest, many feared the worst, and the prayers poured in.

According to Dr. William A. Knight of the BGMC, Damar has been doing tremendous work to get there. “He has been up with physical therapy and occupational therapy, walking the unit, tolerating a regular diet, meeting with his family and many members of the care team that wanted to see how he was doing — all to get him to this point where he could be safely returned to Buffalo.”

Other officials indicated that testing on Damar and what caused this is ongoing. While there have been a variety of theories, the COVID vaccine is in the spotlight as the potential catalyst for this incident. While the NFL has given no statements about this possibility, it would seem likely that it is talked about heavily this offseason. Given the controversy of the vaccine as well as numerous players openly refusing it, this is a topic that will need investigation.

For his team, they and others across the league gave thanks and sent grateful prayers for Damar and his family this weekend. With his Bills blowing the doors off the New England Patriots and stitching up the second seed in the AFC, it was a great weekend for the NFL and the Bills Mafia.