Biden’s Unity is the Biggest Joke

AF Branco /

Remember how Biden talked about bringing “unity” to the country? That was one of the biggest pillars of his 2020 presidential platform. He was going to do all of these amazing things to bring the country back together.

At every turn, he managed to create more disagreements.

Let’s start with fuel since we’re reminded of that every time we’re at the pump. He got rid of the pipeline deals so that we were no longer energy-independent. And then, he went on the defensive by trying to convince us to buy electric cars so we weren’t affected by the high gas prices.

Then, we’ve got abortion – and more horrific – late-term abortion. After Roe v. Wade was overturned, he even made disparaging marks about the Supreme Court’s decision.

We’ve got fentanyl pouring through the country because of the open border situation in the south. And still, he claims that there is no border crisis. And Democrats and Republicans are at each other’s throats on what to do about illegal immigrants.

Should we go on? There’s a rise in homelessness across the nation. There’s an assault on what needs to be taught to our children. And there’s a broken supply chain that Biden is incapable of fixing.

It seems that we have a liar in the White House. If he truly wanted to unite the country, he wouldn’t be doing everything in his power to divide us with each and every move that he makes.