Biden’s Tall Tales are Too Much to Handle

Ron Adar /

Whenever Joe Biden is confronted with a crowd who has faced tragedy, he goes into storytelling mode. And more often than not, the stories are beyond far-fetched. He makes himself out to be some American Joe who has had to deal with immense tragedy.

We’re dealing with a guy who has been a politician for most of his adult life. Lying comes second nature to him. However, when the lies are so outrageous, it’s hard to know if he’s lying or if he’s so senile that he thinks that these things really happened.

At a fire prevention summit that was held at the White House recently, Biden decided to recount a story about a fire that happened at his home in Delaware back in 2004.

According to a local fire chief at the time, the fire was “under control” in less than 30 minutes. The fire was only in the kitchen, and it happened because of a lightning strike. Jill called 911, and responders were on the scene in no time.

Oh, but that’s not the way that good ol’ Joe tells it. He says that they almost lost their house. He even went as far as saying, “We almost lost a couple firefighters.”

There’s no way that could have happened. If a fire could get controlled in 20 minutes, firefighters were not in jeopardy of losing their lives.

What kind of story would it be, though, if he just told it the way it really happened?

Biden can’t be honest with us. And the liberal media isn’t holding him accountable with fact-checking, either.

At this point, we have to decide. Is Biden lying or is he simply mentally unstable enough to believe that a fire really did almost consume his entire home? Neither is very becoming of a president.