Biden’s Only Rival Takes a Shot at Media, Clinton, and Her Own Party

Evan El-Amin /
Evan El-Amin /

If you haven’t heard, Democratic President Joe Biden officially has an opponent for 2024, should he decide to run again. This was announced on Saturday – and on Sunday, that individual was already taking shots at the media, Hillary Clinton, and even her own party.

Introducing Marianne Williamson.

If you know that name, it’s likely because she already ran against Joe Biden once before, in 2020, when there was a massively wide field of Democratic Party members seeking the Oval Office. However, like most, she didn’t make it all that far before it became utterly apparent that she would not be winning the nomination.

But it is important to point out that her campaign lasted longer than that of now-Vice President Kamala Harris. Williamson even made it to 2020 before dropping out. Kamala was forced out over a full month prior.

You might also remember that one of the main reasons Williamson didn’t get in front of actual voters was that she’s a bit nonsensical. During one 2019 debate, she touted that her use of “love” as a weapon would be what would defeat the “dark psychic energy” of Donald Trump.

Comments like those ensured that her only fans came from Oprah Winfrey and self-help circles – not from practical voters.

However, on Sunday, when she appeared for an interview about her recent announcement to run, practical is exactly what she sounded like – at least in comparison to those against her.

She sat down with ABC’s Jonathan Karl, and naturally, one of the first questions she was asked was why she thought she could do this and possibly win. I mean, after all, even running in 2020 proved difficult for her, and that was when all Democratic candidates started out on the same page. This time around, she will be running against a very entrenched system incumbent.

In fact, as Karl noted when he asked the question, some media outlets, such as The Associated Press, have already labeled her the “longest of long shots.”

But her response, which took her no time to formulate, pointed out that outlets such as this also “said that Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in.” And look where that got them.

Of course, Karl noted that no media network had ever actually referred to Clinton as such, as being that biased could be dangerous.

To this, Williamson noted the truth of his statement but said, “that’s the system. You know exactly what I’m saying.”

Indeed, Karl and anyone else listening would be daft not to understand what Williamson was saying. For quite a while now, we’ve known there to be biased in the media. So much so that leading up to 2016, whole conspiracies were created against Trump simply because he was running against Hillary Clinton, a woman who literally everyone said was going to win.

I mean, leftist entertainer Stephen Colbert was so certain of a Clinton win that on Election Night, he did a special that began like a coronation. It obviously didn’t end that way, much to his embarrassment.

Of course, by the time 2020 came around, with the possibility of another Trump win, the Democrats had figured out a way to ensure their “shoo-in” would actually win. And Williamson called them out on it during the same interview, noting that both in 2020 and now, it seems that the DNC was deciding who would win far before the voters did.

She said, “The old days of political backroom deals, where a few insiders determined who the candidate would be, are back.” She calls it a “faux democracy.” And she’s not wrong.

As she told Karl, if we want an actual Democracy, it has to be the people deciding, even if that means “shoo-ins” don’t win.

Let’s just say this is a good reminder, even if it comes from the not-so-practical Marianne Williamson.