Biden’s Alphabet Boys Take Out 18,000 Cows on Texas Dairy Farm

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Studio Peace /

South Fork Dairy just outside Dimmitt, TX is yet another farm or food processing facility that has mysteriously been destroyed under President Biden’s watch. Leaving one person in critical condition, the explosion killed 18,000 cows during the blast.

Castro County Sheriff’s Office claimed that when the call came in around 1921 central time on April 10th that they sprang into action. Upon arrival on the scene, they discovered one person had been trapped and would require helicopter transport to a local hospital. While they were unable to confirm the exact number of cattle who died in the fire and smoke, the estimation of 18,000 put the explosion at the top of the Washington DC-based Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) list of barn fires since 2018 “by far.”

Sheriff Sal Rivera spoke with KFDA extensively about the incident. From what he has discovered so far, most of the cattle were lost while they were awaiting their turn in the milking stalls that would have then been followed by another waiting pen. “There’s some that survived, there’s some that are probably injured to the point where they’ll have to be destroyed.”

From what the good sheriff’s team has been able to gather thus far, a machine he called a “honey badger” looks to have been the culprit. The tool is a “vacuum that sucks the manure and water out.” In his simple Texan explanation “Possibly [it] got overheated and probably the methane and things like that ignited and spread out and exploded.”

Yet, this kind of explanation makes no sense.

This is a 2,136,973 sq ft facility. It is built with cross ventilation and is constructed of steel. This kind of build would have had monitoring systems and alarms. More importantly, the machine the Sheriff references doesn’t just overheat, it also has multiple fail-safes that prevent it from becoming an ignition source. More to the point, methane is pumped out of these barns at an incredible rate.

Instead, this leaves Biden’s alphabet boys as a major sticking point. Given the number of sudden fires and explosions at factories, farms, and production plants across the nation this year, it cannot be a coincidence. The members of PETA and other pro-animal organizations have lost their radical agendas over the years and, instead, chose virtue signaling over direct action.

A massive push towards green energy and plant-based “organic” food controlled by the government has been a cornerstone of modern socialism, and one many on the left have embraced as a part of their revolution. Having a dementia-riddled man like Biden in the White House is giving them free rein to bring this goal to fruition at any cost, and with the alphabet agencies at their disposal, now is the prime time to strike.

Allie Granger is the policy associate for AWI’s farm animal program, and she discussed the 18k figure the fire is projected to have in terms of losses. “We hope the industry will remain focused on this issue and strongly encourage farms to adopt common-sense fire safety measures. It is hard to imagine anything worse than being burned alive.”

Per their report, 6.3 million animals have died because of barn fires since 2013. Yet, that number is comprised of 6 million chickens and 7,300 cows. Hence making the 18,000 estimates of this latest explosion nearly tripling the total number of cow deaths in the last decade. Chickens with their small size, cramped living conditions, and fine dust their feed keeps in the air, are a prime candidate for mass fire deaths. Biden and his crew of animal assassins have a never-ending hitlist of potential animals.

Many members of the mainstream media are simply happy to accept this as just another accident and a reminder of how much the country needs to change to keep ourselves safe. In their green agenda, the growth and consumption of meat as a society will kill us all. That is if they don’t kill us or all the animals off first.