Biden Plans to Give the WHO Total Power Over America in Future Pandemics

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It’s been painfully apparent to many Americans since Bill Clinton’s time in the White House that Democrats have a really weird plan for our future: What if they could totally surrender America’s sovereignty, the rule of law, the Second Amendment, parental rights, and our form of republican democracy in exchange for a bunch of transgender weirdos in foreign countries ruling over every area of our lives?

For some reason, this has been a goal of the Democrats for the past 30 years. And the COVID “pandemic-but-not-really-a-pandemic” has given Joe Biden the perfect excuse to do just that.

The criminal, unelected Biden regime will be sending representatives to Switzerland next week to put the final lipstick on a pig. That pig is a deal to give the World Health Organization (WHO) total, unfettered, communist dictatorship of all 194 signatory countries to a new “pandemic treaty.” Never mind the fact that COVID never actually materialized into a real pandemic or the fact that the US Senate will not get to vote on whether the US should join what is, in effect, a legally binding international treaty.

Like all treaties crafted by the United Nations and its subsidiary organizations like the WHO, you’re not allowed to see what’s in the Pandemic Treaty. You’re just supposed to shut up and accept whatever it dictates without getting a say in the matter. This is what all nations in “Western civilization” mean these days when they talk about “democracy.” You don’t get to vote on it, and you’re legally bound to abide by the document that an unelected fraud like Joe Biden eagerly signs.

We do know that the “zero draft” of the UN’s Pandemic Treaty will give the WHO total control over the American response to any future barnyard flu from China’s bioweapons labs. The WHO will get to set an American lockdown policy during flu season. And as we know from the response in 2020, the WHO really, really enjoyed Communist China’s response.

After all, Communist China welded the doors of people’s apartments shut in 2020 and let them starve to death in order to prevent the spread of a respiratory virus that kills fewer people than the annual flu virus. The WHO also spoke out against the use of hydroxychloroquine and the Nobel prize-winning Ivermectin as cheap and ineffective off-label treatments against COVID.

(Not to be a total jerk about it, but you could even use Ivermectin, which is sold as “horse paste” in farm supply stores, as a dissolvable paste in your morning tea to prevent yourself from catching COVID-19. But whatever.)

Under the “law of the land” provisions of the Pandemic Treaty, the WHO would also be able to monitor and control medical supply chains (from Communist China), to track all Americans at all times using modern surveillance technology and the help of Big Tech companies, and to censor the spread of “disinformation” like this article. Because you are an idiot. You can’t tell if we are telling the truth in this article, or whether this article is Russian disinformation. You’re such a dummy!

The current draft of the Pandemic Treaty was written with the help of Xavier Becerra, who is Joe Biden’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, in addition to being a lunatic from California who believes in global warming, and that children can decide their own gender.

Fortunately, a group of Republican US Senators is speaking out against Joe Biden’s plans to sign the Pandemic Treaty and make it the law of the land. This is clearly an international treaty that will require the wide-ranging surrender of American sovereignty to a group of globalist weirdoes under the control of Communist China. Treaties require the consent of a super-majority of the US Senate in order to be ratified because they are so serious in nature.

Americans can rest easy for now, because Joe Biden doesn’t have enough votes in the Senate to make this abomination of a treaty become law.