Biden Makes Up New Lies About “Grandpop”

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If you know much about Democratic President Joe Biden, it’s that he not only has the unfortunate inability to remember words and names but that he also has quite a penchant for lying. Now, he’s even telling tales about his “grandpop.”

The newest Biden lie came to us on Tuesday, shortly after he made his 2024 presidential reelection run official.

He was addressing a group of labor union leaders in Washington, DC puffing up his Inflation Reduction Act, which really does nothing of the sort. According to him, the act will create “tens of thousands of good-paying jobs” throughout the US, helping to reduce inflation nationwide and increase our economy’s strength.

Now, to be sure, this whole line about the Inflation Reduction Act actually helping our economy is a fabrication. But that’s an ongoing one and not one solely told by Biden.

Instead, the latest Biden lie comes moments later when he begins recounting a story about his past.

He said, “Think about it this way: My grandpop, who I never met – he died in the same hospital I was born in two weeks before I was born.”

Biden then began describing his paternal grandfather, who worked for the American Oil Company and was apparently charged with opening up “new gas stations around the country.”

True to Biden’s word, his grandfather, Joseph H. Biden, did work as a manager for the American Oil Company, according to The National Desk. However, he did not die in the same hospital where Joseph R. Biden was born. Neither was it merely two weeks later.

As both The National Desk and the Media Research Center fact-checked, his grandfather died on September 26, 1941, at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. On the other hand, Biden was born November 20, 1942, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

So not only were they not in the same hospital, the events didn’t even occur within the same year or in the same state.

Now, Biden’s other grandfather, from his mother’s side, Ambrose Joseph Finnegan, did die at the same Scranton hospital he was born in. But that happened when Biden was a teenager in 1957, per the New York Post.

So either Biden is just completely lying off his ass here, or he’s getting something confused. At this point, it doesn’t really matter which, as neither is a good look for the man who’s supposed to be leading the free world.