Awkward…a Few Were Missing from Oscars In Memoriam

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The Oscars may be over, but the outrage of seeing quite a few people left out of the Oscars In Memoriam segment continues on across Twitter and other social media platforms.

Typically, in order to be included in the Oscars “In Memoriam,” you’d have to be an Oscar-nominated actor – or at least have had a prominent role in a movie that’s been nominated.

Knowing the requirements, it’s understandable why Leslie Jordan may have been left out.

Unfortunately, quite a few who did meet the requirements were still left out.

Some of the most notable include:

  • Anne Heche
  • Tom Sizemore
  • Charlbi Dean
  • Paul Sorvino

While a few were mentioned the day before as well as on the online gallery for the Academy, they were not mentioned at the award ceremony. Instead, it looked as though the Academy was playing favorites with who they remembered.

Kirstie Alley gets mentioned but Anne Heche does not? Surely, that can’t be as a result of who was hosting that segment…John Travolta. Perhaps if Travolta had done a movie with Heche, she would have been remembered within the segment.

We should be thrilled that at least a few were remembered – Angela Lansbury, Ray Liotta, Raquel Welch, and James Caan to name just a few.

It happens every year – and every year, the Academy is called out by people who are all too willing to point out the errors. You’d think that since this continues to be an issue that they’d do some kind of proofreading. Maybe even ask a few other people to look over the slide show.

Perhaps in 2024, everyone will be a part of the In Memoriam. We can hope, anyway.