AOC’s Convinced the Supreme Court is Corrupt

lev radin /
lev radin /

The Supreme Court is supposed to be nonpartisan. Political affiliations don’t really exist – or at least they shouldn’t. The problem is that the sitting president is responsible for filling open Justice seats. Therefore, a conservative president is likely to place a conservative justice. And the same goes for a liberal president with a liberal justice.

AOC and other left-leaning politicians are worried that the Supreme Court is stacked in favor of conservatives. As such, it must be corrupt.

Apparently, protecting the Supreme Court is not a top priority. Rather than making Americans believe that it is truly capable of being nonpartisan, AOC wants to call it out as being corrupt.

Here’s one tweet where AOC called out Justice Alito for accepting gifts:

She’s done the same for Justice Roberts – and she wants to see him come before Congress voluntarily so that an investigation can be carried out.

If the Justices don’t come forward voluntarily, AOC is ready to issue subpoenas:

The question really becomes this: Who is going to be responsible for carrying out an investigation on the Supreme Court? After all, if there’s a disagreement inside a court, it would usually end up in front of SCOTUS. Since they cannot rule on themselves, it leaves us in quite the conundrum.

AOC is singlehandedly destroying our faith in the court system because of supposed bribes.

It’s a bit like the coffee calling the kettle black, don’t you think? After all, we could easily point to her and her dress at the Met Gala last year. Though, we’re not allowed to point fingers. That’s reserved for the precious Democrats alone.