AOC Loses it Over What Dems Concede During Debt Talks

Phil Pasquini /
Phil Pasquini /

If you haven’t heard, an agreement on the nation’s financial situation has finally been reached, at least between the White House and the House of Representatives. And New Yorker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not at all happy about it.

If you know much about AOC, it’s likely that despite being an economics major in college, she doesn’t seem to have all that much common sense when it comes to money. For starters, she’s a huge fan of the massive spending sprees the Democrats have been on since Biden was placed in office.

Naturally, this means she’s not at all happy that the Republicans, with their slim majority in the House, have beaten out her party and caucus for what should be done regarding the nation’s financial debt.

And on Wednesday, she ranted and raved about how much was being conceded by Democrats and the White House.

For starters, she claims that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his Republicans didn’t “have the votes” and went to the White House “without the majority of his caucus.” Furthermore, she says that he has been unwilling to negotiate whatsoever.

“They are engaged in hostage taking, not negotiation, extortion, not conversation. And that is not something we can establish, it is not something we can reinforce in this country.”

Of course, she also blamed McCarthy and Republican tax cuts on the situation we are in altogether, saying that she and others warned of these “same reckless tax cuts” back in 2017. “And now, several years later, we are in this scenario.”

But, as usual, AOC just proved she has no idea how this whole economics thing works. Tax cuts have never, in fact, made federal debt rise. Instead, that has been done by nothing but excess government spending.

And it’s a point that even Biden and his administration, in all their failings, seem to have finally recognized, as they just agreed to more tax cuts and huge slashes in government spending.