AOC is Losing Her Mind About a Tent City Right Now

James Andrews1 /

AOC is losing her mind right now. New York City is a sanctuary city. And that means that since they’ve opened their arms to illegal migrants, they have received a lot more recently – courtesy of Republican governors who are dealing with the border crisis.

A tent city is in the works for NYC so that they can house all of the migrants. It’s what liberals do so that the migrants can stay in the US rather than being deported.

That’s not okay for the Democratic Socialist. She’s apparently losing her mind that there are about to be tents everywhere in her city. Even though it’s okay in many other liberal playgrounds like LA and Austin.

During an interview following a press conference outside of City Hall, AOC said, “I think we can get to a place with a better solution here.”

Sure, there’s a better solution, but she’s REALLY not going to want to hear about it. It would involve addressing the illegal immigration at the border – and more so than investigating the root problem.

She wants to see if there are additional federal resources. Perhaps she missed the memo that there aren’t any such resources. And if there were, shouldn’t they go down to the border to deal with the bigger issue?

Of course, AOC doesn’t want to come right out and admit that she doesn’t want to deal with the illegal migrants in her district. Instead, she’s trying to blame it on concern about flooding and transit access. Sure, that’s the real problem.