Another Reason Why We Miss Melania – Jill Biden Reveals White House Christmas Décor

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It’s that time of year again. With Thanksgiving now officially over, most of us have turned our hearts and our homes towards Christmas, what one could arguably call the most favored holiday of the year.

In the White House, things are no different, with first lady Jill Biden announcing and revealing the theme and decorations leading up to Christmas in those hallowed halls. But unlike years past, a sense of class and beauty is missing. And in its place is a rather dull and incoherent mess of lights and color.

According to an official White House news release from Dr. Jill, this year’s theme is good: We the People.

To be sure, honoring the people who make up this great nation and the sacrifices we’ve made is a great theme. However, the ideas to manifest that theme seem to have fallen somewhat flat.

Take the doorway to the East Entrance of the White House, for example.

Flat mistletoe and bell images wrap the sides leading up to a rather stark and somber “We the People” banner and imagery of the White House. Another room holds a collection of red, white, and blue trees, each wrapped in gold stars with the names of fallen soldiers.

And in the Blue Room, the Christmas tree at the center is adorned with all kinds of birds, the “official birds of all 57 states, territories, and the District of Columbia.”

The most interesting thing about the tree is its base. As onlookers have noted, it appears to be some strange mess of antlers or such at first glance.

But upon closer inspection, it’s an array of twigs and sticks, creating an odd circle around the base of the tree – perhaps to replicate the birds’ nest… Your guess is as good as mine, given that no explanation for it has been mentioned.

In another room, there is actually a cardboard cut out of the Biden family dog – you know, since he’s not allowed on the premises anymore after biting several people.

Suffice it to say that all of this reminds us all the more of the simple, classic beauty of Melania Trump’s decorations. Oh, how we miss her.