American Girl Goes Woke with Blatant Lies


Kids are impressionable. They believe what they are told in books and by adults. And when those two things are combined, you end up with kids learning things that simply aren’t true.

American Girl is a huge franchise. It’s popular with girls between the ages of 4 and 12. There are dolls, movies, and even books.

Obviously, one of the easiest ways to indoctrinate a child into the LGBTQ community these days is to bring that content into their toys – and that’s what is happening.

American Girl used to be identified as traditional and wholesome.

Not anymore. They’ve gone woke.

After 40 years of providing American girl dolls to the public, they’ve now decided to deliver lies alongside the stories.

Instead of girls learning valuable lessons about life and saving the day, they’ll be learning how doctors “assign” gender at birth.

The new book is “A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image.” While this could be a cute book about preparing girls for the changes their bodies will go through at puberty, it instead becomes a guide to simply changing their gender so that they can feel more comfortable.

Advice they are given includes taking puberty blockers. Of course, that is disguised as “medicine to delay” the process of puberty. They are also encouraged to indulge in changing the way they look entirely.

Entirely. That’s not an encouragement to ask mom and dad to take them shopping for new clothes or even get a new haircut. That’s encouraging them to become someone they’re not – such as becoming a boy. They stop short of showing the characters binding their breasts or begging mom for a mastectomy. For that, I guess, we should be happy that the book has managed to show at least some form of restraint.

What we shouldn’t be happy about is the section of the book that is entitled “Gender Joy.” This is where the author goes into detail about doctors assigning gender based on body parts. This basically means that they’re trying to convince kids that penises aren’t necessarily for boys and that vaginas aren’t necessarily for girls.

Oh, and they start planting some woke terms like “nonbinary” and “cisgender” into the book, too.

The book is being pitched to girls between the ages of 3 and 12.

This is definitely not going to be under my Christmas tree this year. How about yours?