Aliens Like You Never Expected Are Coming Here From…Everywhere? Even From Outerspace?


For decades now, we have been told not to worry about the glow in the sky, the floating lights, or the strange-colored smoke seen in the forest. Now in 2023, the US and other governments are starting to publicly acknowledge the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), as well as alien life. In many comment sections and among numerous people, it’s almost become a joke of the feds letting us in because they’re going to blow it all away soon enough.

Yet these jokes are starting to seem more real as more and more evidence of foreign lifeforms is showing up. Off the coast of Alaska back on August 30th, a group of researchers with the NOAA Ocean Exploration Team found what they termed a “yellow hat” with scattered white sponges on the sea floor. This 4-inch specimen was located during the 2023 Seascape Alaska Expedition.

During the event, teams map and explore ecosystems in the Gulf of Alaska. Using a large amount of deep-water submersibles, they map and explore the deepest regions of the area. From new fish to plant life, there is much for them to discover. This casing was found with some excitement along “with initial thoughts ranging from a dead sponge attachment to coral, to an egg casing,” according to their updates. They noted it looked delicate and worried the robotic arm could damage it. The suction sampler picked it up for them instead.

Unable to identify the material, they are waiting until they can get it to the lab. Multiple UFO experts are already weighing in, with many suspecting that this could be some shell from a frozen embryo that reportedly crashed into the arctic tundra about 70 years ago. Widely covered up and downplayed, there is little evidence left for the public minus statements from a few native Alaskans.

While that discovery is shocking enough, the twin corpses discovered in Cusco, a city in the Peruvian Andes with extensive Inca ruins, were brought and presented to the Congress in Mexico City, Mexico. Jamie Maussan, famed journalist and UFOloigst, unearthed them in algae mines back in 2017, and per DNA testing, at least 30% of their genetic material is not of Earthly origin.

British Professor and world-renowned expert Brian Cox announced how deep his doubts about these claims are. Given Maussan’s previously debunked claims and lack of peer reviews on this latest finding, who can blame him for ranting on X (aka Twitter) like this?

“Obviously I’ve been asked about this story. My immediate response – they are way too humanoid. It’s very unlikely that an intelligent species that evolved on another planet would look like us. Secondly – send a sample off to [genetic testing firm] 23andme – let alone the University down the road – and they’ll tell you within 10 minutes.”

His simple deductions tell us all we need to know about the reality of the situation. The “experts” chosen by the UK and US governments want to trust a Chinese-backed entity like 23andme to help determine the genetic material of a foreign being. This isn’t testing for someone’s background, and telling the communists what kind of foreign beings are out there isn’t good for anyone’s national security or the future of these beings.

As more and more information is leaked out, we must look around our own communities. From the rural forests of Montana to the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, coast-to-coast, we know the truth exists. Uncovering it and getting it out there is crucial, and doing so without allowing the feds to dictate the narrative is incredibly important.

More declassified documents, videos, and first-hand accounts of interactions with UFOs and aliens are emerging. They aren’t just happening in the remote parts of the US either. City parks, bus stations, and even the men’s room at a NY arena have all had their own stories. With how much of that information jives with the previously classified information being released, it is almost certain we aren’t alone in the universe, on our planet, or even in your community.