Al Sharpton’s Brother Jailed for Drug Trafficking & a Laundry List of Financial Crimes


Most people by now realize that the MSNBC host, the “Reverend” Al Sharpton, is a fake pastor. A lot of people have never heard of Sharpton’s half-brother, however, who is also a fake pastor.

58-year-old “Pastor” Kenneth Glasgow was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison last week on charges of drug trafficking, embezzlement, tax evasion, and lying to the Social Security Administration to fraudulently obtain benefits.

Proving that the modern “civil rights” movement is still filled with grifters and greedy thieves, Glasgow pleaded guilty to embezzling $407,000 from two charities he founded. Those were The Ordinary People Society (TOPS) and the Prodigal Child Project.

Both are purportedly related to prison rehabilitation. Although it’s believed that Sharpton’s brother stole closer to $1 million from the charities, prosecutors could only prove the $407K.

Glasgow also bilked the Social Security Administration out of $376,000 in disability benefits, which the court ordered him to pay back. Oh, but wait! There is much, much more!

Al Sharpton’s little brother is also facing drug and conspiracy charges that he has not gone to trial for yet and was also charged with capital murder a few years ago. During a traffic stop, Glasgow tried to hide a baggie of cocaine in his mouth.

When the officer tried to search Glasgow’s mouth, he assaulted the officer and resisted arrest. Glasgow has been charged with conspiring to distribute cocaine with another many named Willie Frank Peterson.

The most serious charge that Al Sharpton’s pastor-brother has been charged with dates back to 2018. Glasgow had a friend named Jaime Townes, who believed that a 23-year-old woman named Breunia Jennings had stolen his car. Glasgow gave Townes a ride, and they allegedly chased Ms. Jennings down.

Glasgow was driving and allegedly drove Ms. Jennings off the road. When the police arrived, she was in the driver’s seat of Towne’s crashed car and had been shot in the head.

Police believe Townes fired multiple shots at the car with Ms. Jennings in it as Glasgow was driving him around, which caused her to veer off the road. That was when Townes allegedly shot her in the head after she crashed the vehicle.

Both Townes and “Pastor” Glasgow were charged with capital murder. Sharpton’s little brother pretended he didn’t know why he was being charged with murder in his initial appearance in court.

“I don’t know why I am facing capital murder charges,” Glasgow told the judge. “I’m not responsible for what someone else does. He just asked me for a ride to take him to look for his car.”

By “looking for his car,” Glasgow apparently meant shooting it full of holes as Breunia Jennings was driving it. This happened in Alabama, where the state’s complicity statute allows for a person to be charged with capital murder if they’re found to have been aiding and abetting someone else in committing a murder.

Aiding and abetting in this situation is viewed as being equally liable for the underlying crime. Hence, Al Sharpton’s brother was charged with capital murder because he basically acted as Jaime Townes’ getaway driver.

More than 20 years ago, Glasgow served a 14-year sentence for armed robbery. That experience supposedly encouraged him to found The Ordinary People Society as a prison ministry (which he just embezzled).

Al Sharpton’s own criminal past is well-known. He was charged with 67 felonies, including tax evasion, fraud, and grand larceny in New York in the 1980s. Glasgow is still awaiting sentencing for additional crimes. It appears that grifting and fraud run in the family.