After UFO Activity Suddenly Vanishes, Will They Come Back for Their Day on July 2nd?

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With over 2 trillion estimated galaxies out there, there are countless stars and planets. Infinite space for the existence of other life forms to be floating through in space somewhere. The sheer improbability of there not being other life out there is insane. For people to deny its existence is incredibly ignorant.

In the last few years, multiple reports of UFOs and other mysterious sightings have been reported, but they are down extensively over the last year. Are they getting better at hiding, are we getting worse at noticing, or is the government doing a better job of covering it up? A commissioned survey found that 92% of all UFO sightings across the globe happen here in the US.

In total, 126,094+ reports have been filed since records started being kept. The US trounces the second in line- Canada with their 5,696+ reports. Strangely enough, their sightings also have tended to last longer, but the US also has more vivid reports.

2023 has seen the sightings reports up, but the recent outbreak of poor visibility in the colder climates of the US has been keeping the UFOs from being spotted. Many wonder if this could be a coincidence, especially given their propensity for activity north of the border as well as in the colder parts of the US.

Taking into account the changes in US air defense following the Chinese spy balloon incidents going public, it makes sense as to why the number of reported incidents would be going down with the emergence of such rapidly spreading and seemingly man-made fires.

In order to help welcome the UFOs, here are five key steps every American should take to be prepared:

  • Look to the key tonight and watch for aliens- If we don’t see them coming, how can we be prepared? Much like the invasion of illegal aliens across the southern border, vigilance is the key for our skies as well
  • Construct a listening device to search for messages from space- Some of the most crucial information on our UFOs have come from people patrolling the airwaves. With infinite frequencies and potential languages out there, we would be ignorant to tune them out.
  • Send audio messages into space encouraging aliens to visit Earth-Even if you don’t think you have the right language, frequency, or timing, we must try. The first ones to establish contact won’t be somebody who can stand back and say they knew for sure they were doing it right. Much like recreating Me-Maw’s gravy for Sunday dinner, it takes years of practice to get it right, and the lightest interference could make all the difference.
  • If you come across any little green men today, be friendly and welcoming- For years the reports of first contact have always told us that aliens would look like little green men to us. On UFO Day of all days, be especially nice to everyone you encounter. For all we know the first aliens we have confirmed contact with could be working at a Dominos slinging pizza, driving a taxi cab, or even the Kardashians or AOC. God knows they already seem alien enough to the rest of us.
  • Watch a movie about aliens and UFOs- Just like athletes before the big game, you need to study tape. The films developed by the History Channel and by Hollywood’s best directors can be incredibly influential in getting us to make that first contact. Given all the stories that have been told, one is bound to get us on the right track.

The quest to develop life outside of Earth has been on for years. As a species, we will likely need help to make the journey, and these UFOs are likely much further along than we are on this. Giving them a good introduction and ensuring they feel the same warm welcome we would want is a must.