Adam Levine Debuts a New Tattoo Because…Why Not?


Adam Levine, the frontman for the band Maroon 5 (and was once identified as People’s Sexiest Man Alive) decided that he would pass the time recently with a new tattoo.

Recently, Levine has been seen showing off some new ink – and this time, it’s on his face. There’s a small black rose that is on the side of his face, near his temple. Fans keep talking about it because it seems that it’s not always there.

Apparently, it was a temporary tattoo. Levine even went as far as releasing an Instagram story that was more for his mom than anyone else. He’s too vain to place anything permanent on his face.


Still, though, Levine is not one to back away from tattooing the rest of his body. He’s most certainly the most heavily tattooed person to ever be identified as the “Sexiest Man Alive” by People.

Every tattoo, according to the music artist, has meaning.

And when Instagram and Facebook went down a few years ago, he passed the time with a throat tattoo. It was of a butterfly being trapped in a spider web. It’s a beautiful design that likely has some kind of personal meaning to Levine. However, a throat tattoo is also one of the more painful areas to get ink.

This leads many to wonder if Levine loves the ink or if he loves the pain – or perhaps it’s a combination of both?

It’s been at least a year since he’s debuted any new (permanent) ink, so it’s only a matter of time before something new is spotted…