AARP Awards Show Love to Jamie Lee Curtis & Others

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If you’re over 50, you’ve likely gotten an AARP membership card in the mail. And with its popularity to show love to those who are 50 and older, there are even awards from AARP The Magazine.

The awards started in 2002 and were designed to encourage Hollywood to make more movies that could be enjoyed by those who are “grownups.” And yes, that includes aging celebrities involved in the productions, too.

Jamie Lee Curtis has definitely been feeling the love from AARP for a while now. At the age of 64, she was honored with the “Career Achievement Award.” She went on to say that she loves being a grown-up.

It’s not the first time that AARP has loved on the scream queen. In fact, when she posed topless on its cover for the May/June 2008 issue, many people were in awe. It’s not every day that a woman of Curtis’ age would consider a topless spread. And yet, AARP wanted to show just how beautiful aging women could be.

When everyone lost their minds, Curtis made the comment that it was “A perfect statement about how weird people are about older people having any sexuality whatsoever.”

Top Gun: Maverick was the top winner for the Movies for Grownups Awards, proving that it wasn’t aimed solely for the younger crowd, despite many of the 20 and 30-year-old actors. The top star, Tom Cruise, proved that he can still be a blockbuster hit at the age of 60.

And if you want the full list of 2023 winners, you can check it out here.