A Thief with a Sweet Tooth Strikes in the UK

Julie Clopper / shutterstock.com
Julie Clopper / shutterstock.com

Most thieves are busy breaking into banks and stealing cars. However, some are more honest about their needs – and they steal so that they can satisfy their sweet tooth.

In the UK, a thief has admitted to stealing a semi-truck so that they could then steal a trailer filled with over $38,000 worth of Cadbury Crème eggs along with other chocolate goods.

Joby Pool, 32, has pleas guilty to breaking into a UK industrial park. He used a metal grinder to make his way through the gate in Telford so that he could take off with over 31,000 pounds of chocolate goods.

When officers stopped the truck on the road shortly after the break-in, the West Mercia Police tweeted that the man was “presumably purporting to be the Easter Bunny.” He man was arrested promptly on suspicion of theft.

It didn’t take long for Pool to realize that he wasn’t going to get away with the crime. He walked toward the police with his hands up. He was arrested and the Cadbury Crème Eggs were recovered.

Pool will be sentenced sometime next month for the theft of the truck, the trailer, the contents, as well as criminal damage to the chain lock at the industrial park.

At least everyone in the UK can breathe a sigh of relief that their Easter chocolates will be readily available. With any luck, those same chocolates will make it across the pond, too.