214 Known Terrorists Arrested Crossing Biden’s Open Border in 2023

Daniel Jedzura / shutterstock.com
Daniel Jedzura / shutterstock.com

Joe Biden’s open borders continue to pose a massive national security threat to Americans. Hundreds of known terrorists on the FBI’s watch list have been arrested by the Border Patrol trying to get in. There are so many terrorists pouring in that some are even sneaking across the Canadian border. Meanwhile, the taxpayers continue to get shafted by the Biden regime, as the unused panels from President Trump’s magnificent border wall sit in storage gathering dust.

According to the latest figures, the Border Patrol has arrested 213 known terrorists sneaking across the US-Mexico border in January and February, and 1 along the Canadian border. All of these individuals were on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Dataset (TSDS) watchlist.

The number of terrorists trying to sneak into the country, so they can inflict direct harm on the “Great Satan,” has skyrocketed ever since the 2020 election was stolen and the dementia puppet Joe Biden was installed in the White House. Breitbart News is reporting that during President Donald Trump’s entire four years in office when our borders were actually being enforced, the Border Patrol only caught a total of 14 TSDS watch list jihadis. That’s an average of 3.5 per year.

In 2021, Joe Biden’s first year in office, the Daily Mail says the number jumped up to 157 arrests of known terrorists. That was an average of 13 per month. In 2022, the number ballooned to 380 terrorist arrests or 31 per month. So far in 2023, we’re on pace to have the Border Patrol capture 1,284 terrorist watch list suspects or more than 100 per month. We’ve gone from 3.5 terrorist arrests per year under Trump to more than 100 per month under Biden!

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail – which is based in London – continues to be amazed at Joe Biden’s lack of action when it comes to the southern border and all of the fentanyl pouring in. The Border Patrol is catching unimaginable amounts of this toxic “Made in China” poison that’s being ferried into the US by the drug cartels and illegal aliens.

We lost more than 107,000 Americans to drug overdoses in 2022, primarily from fentanyl. That’s almost twice as many Americans as we lost in the entire Vietnam War. The only place in the world where the precursor chemicals for this drug are manufactured is at a plant in China. We’re on pace to have well over 100,000 Americans killed by drugs again this year.

Joe Biden doesn’t care. He doesn’t even seem to know where he is most of the time. The Secret Service is always having to grab him by the elbow and steer him back in the correct direction when he wanders off into the weeds. We’re a laughingstock to the entire world, being ruled by an illegitimate fraud who didn’t even win an election. It’s so embarrassing.

Remember, these are the illegal alien terrorists that the Border Patrol is catching. We have no idea how many “gotaways” have escaped into the country, where they’re probably already buying AK-47s and ammo.

Meanwhile, the border wall panels that the Trump administration purchased are sitting in storage. It’s costing the taxpayers around $130,000 per day to store those panels when they could be installed in short order if Joe Biden didn’t hate America so much. We’re spending almost $50 million per year to let those unused panels gather dust and spiders when they could be used to plug some of the holes.

We’ve never seen anything like this in American history. The catastrophes and bloodshed that Joe Biden is going to unleash on us before he’s through are hard to believe. Hopefully, Republicans in the House will finally start to push back on this disaster.